Parents in Brunswick that send their children to a good-quality kindergarten, Brunswick help them to further develop literacy and language, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Cognitive skills

Problem-solving, exploring, doing new tasks, observing, asking questions, and creating children do in kindergarten helps them to develop their cognitive or thinking skills. Teachers of good kindergarten schools are trained to include children in decision-making activities, encourage them to think deeply and discuss ideas, and plan their activities. All of these cognitive skills developed with children attending good kindergarten equips and helps them when they transition to primary schooling.

Emotional development

A good kindergarten helps children to understand not only their feelings but also the feelings of other people. Teaching the children to express their emotions, recognise and talk about the feelings of others, and show concern for other people is emotional skills learned in high-quality kindergarten schools. The development of self-regulation with the able support of the school and teachers helps children manage their behaviours and feelings.

Physical development

The large motor skills and small motor skills of children are further developed in kindergarten. Physical activities and play help children to feel less stressed, focus better as well as build up strength and stamina. Hand and finger control is helped with activities such as working with clay, doing puzzles, drawing, and writing.

Literacy and language development

A child’s literacy skills are developed and honed in kindergarten. Better communication and understanding are developed through activities such as talking, reading, listening, and writing. One of the main focuses of good kindergarten schools is literacy development. Developing the literacy levels of children at an early age becomes a life skill.

Social development

Getting along with their peers and teachers is an invaluable social development skill acquired by children attending high-quality kindergarten schools. The support provided by the school and teachers helps children to learn crucial social skills such as making friends, resolving their disputes, and working amicably together.

Subjects offered by high-quality kindergarten

Social Studies

Social studies make the children aware of how their local community includes their school and family. Learning about their culture and language are opportunities provided by teachers to children in kindergarten. Connecting familiar events and concepts to history and geography are one of the important things children learn in kindergarten.


Learning numbers at an early age provides children life skills. Teaching math skills to children are done through fun and exciting activities. For instance, measuring plants with the use of a ruler helps children to understand the growth rate.


Telling stories, inventing stories, making music, and dancing are some of the activities that help to develop literacy skills in young children. Role play, creating something new by combining materials and art appreciation help boost the literacy levels of children enrolled in a good kindergarten. Problems are solved in many exciting ways when children are encouraged to focus, imagine, and think of new ideas.


The natural curiosity of children is provided a healthy outlet with the activities and materials provided by teachers of high-quality kindergarten. Learning science becomes fun and exciting when children are encouraged to build and take apart things as part of an exploration and discovery activity.

Letting children attend a high-quality kindergarten provides both parents and children a host of benefits. Contact us at to learn more about us.