Not every child might face difficulty when they start attending child care at North lakes. Majority of children these days are already used to attending daycare from a very young age this could be due to the fact that both of the parents are working in the want a child to be taken care of by caregivers.

However if on the other hand your child has never been away from you helping them ease into the routine at daycare might prove to be tougher than expected. For children who have been cared for at home making the transition can be tough.

The following words of advice from the experts would help make the transition to daycare much easier.

Enrolling your child at childcare North lakes- Do’s and Don’ts

Make sure that you do all of the following:

  • Take your child along for an initial visit to the facility prior to starting daycare. It would be a good idea to have a visit at least two or three times so that the child can familiarize themselves with the surroundings. When they start day care they would not find the environment strange at all. This can help lessen their situational anxiety and they would be more receptive to the environment.
  • Keep reassuring the child and encourage them by telling them stories about your own experience at a child care. Children often react well to stories so make sure that you are say something interesting to pique their curiosity. You can start by telling them all the interesting things that they would do when they started attending daycare.
  • It is also important to change your child’s routine and match it with that of the day Care where you plan to send them. By changing the routine at home and matching with that with the daycare can have a positive impact on how your child reacts when it is time for them to enter Montessori. Children respond positively to following a routine and having a routine which is already in keeping with that of the day Care is beneficial in the long run too.
  • It is also important to the children get a good night’s rest before they attend day care. Children this age need at least 10 hours of sleep so that they can wake up fresh in the morning. When they are awake and well rested they tend to have a more positive response towards the setting and are able to adjust much better. Along with the sleep they also need to eat well so that they can feel energized throughout the day.
  • If you think that your child is going through separation anxiety it is something which you may have to deal with beforehand. For children who have been exclusively homeschooled it is important that they should have some interaction with adults other than their parents. If possible try to get them acquainted with relatives or immediate family and leave them with them for an hour or so if possible.

Ensuring that you follow all of the above mentioned steps is a great way of easing your child into North Lakes child care centre.