Planning for a class educational trip can be a difficult task. It needs to have the perfect balance between amusement and education. The best way to teach about the world is through travelling and experiencing the many wonders scattered around the globe. This strategy is employed even in primary schools and early learning centre parramatta. From enchanting palaces, breath-taking museums and art galleries, to landscapes and natural beauty, we have compiled a list of places that offer all this and more. Discover the world and learn about the origins of different cultures and traditions by taking your class to these stunning locations and teaching them about civilizations and the natural world. 

Athens, Greece

Nothing could be more thrilling than visiting the phenomenal Acropolis Museum, Hadrian’s Gate and the Temple of Zeus. Athens is a hub of culture, tradition and rich history shaped by its incredible mythology and majestic architecture. A trip to the museum would be both entertaining and educational as it is home to some of the oldest and most valuable collections of Greek art. By making a trip to this enchanting city, you would be learning about the wonders of Greek civilization and the Peloponnesian war which changed the very course of the world. You would also get to see ancient sanctuaries built in 421 BC like the Porch of Caryatids.

London, United Kingdom

Learn about the history of one of the greatest and most influential empires in the world. The history of Britain is rich and full flavour with its long line of monarchs and bloody battles with other great empires. London showcases British culture and history at its finest and is a hub for people from all around the world. From royal palaces to museums, people’s parliament, historical monuments and breathtaking views, a trip to London will offer the perfect balance of entertainment and education. Visit the Tower of London and Tower Bridge built in 1708 by William the Conqueror which exhibits the Crown Jewels, royal ornaments and armour. You could also plan a trip to the Big Ben and parliament or to the National Gallery that is home to some of the most iconic artistic works like van Gogh’s Sunflowers and The Water-Lily Pond by Monet.

Bangkok, Thailand

Colourful, vibrant and exciting, Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and precious jewel that is packed with culture and history. With its extraordinary and distinct architecture, Bangkok offers a glimpse at Southeast Asia’s tradition and history. If you plan a visit to this city, be sure to visit the Grand Palace which is the home of Wat Phra Kaeo, where the Jade of Buddha is kept. The Temple of the Golden Buddha is another spectacular sight to behold, as well as Wat Suthat which was constructed by Rama I, Rama II and Rama III and it contains some of the most beautiful wall paintings. Bangkok is also home to modern state-of-the-art malls and galleries which presents the city’s more urban side.

Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany is the centre of politics, history and culture. Home to the magnificent Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin is an excellent place to visit for your next class educational trip. Visit the Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie, as well as the Rebuilt Reichstag which was completed in 1894 until it burned in 1933 and is now the home of the German Parliament since 1999.